A wide variety of things to do await you all within easy reach of Maison Elincourt, from wonderful local forest walks, museums, castles and war memorial sites to Disneyland Paris & Park Asterix as well as a vast array of sporting activities, shopping and even Paris itself.

Chateau Bellinglise

Local Church: Eglise Saint Flor

Lavoir de la Fontaine Sorel

Mennechet Château

Pierrefonds Chateau

Village Brocantes

Christmas Market


Day Trips

Local Festivities Year Round

  • Epiphany: ("La Galette des Rois", frangipan cakes with hidden trinket "fève", 6 January)

  • Mardi-Gras Carnival (parades, crêpes, waffles & beignets, Feb/March)

  • Brocantes (bric-a-brac village markets, weekends March-October)

  • National Music Day (street bands in villages and public spaces, 21 June)

  • Feu de Saint Jean (Summer Solstice bonfire night, 24 June)

  • Bastille Day (National holiday with village parties and fireworks,14 July)

  • Lassigny Beach (2 weeks in July)

  • Thourotte Beach (5 weeks during July and August)

  • Christmas Markets (Compiègne, Noyon, Amiens and villages in December)

We can help you prepare your visit with personalised themed itineraries: The 3 Cs (Churches, Cathedrals & Castles); Battlefield & War Memorials; Arts; Forest Walks and Cycle Paths.